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Short Memoir From the Unique Perspective of a Woman in India Whose Lifelong Lessons Will Make an Impact and Stay With You Forever BITTERSWEET – the one-word definition of life. You need to survive the bitterness to experience the sweetness of life. While the affairs of this life aren’t designed to be a fairytale, this life has its own roller coaster ride to move your world upside down and then get you through it feeling firmer and fiercer! Being a woman is never easy but make sure to squeeze in some time for yourself while balancing relationships, friendships, family, and work. Here’s the problem you face: The struggle, the fear, the uncertainty, the insecurities, the vulnerabilities, and the weight of the responsibilities in life often consume women to become divided, affecting their own mental health. But know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes, it’s okay to try your best and still fail, it’s okay to have less, it’s okay to not be perfect, but it’s not okay to give up when life gets hard. To reinforce that idea better, author Hemalatha Gnanasekar has brilliantly compiled a book of 16 personal life lessons upholding her real-life experiences from a life filled with hope, optimism, and humor. Life-changing lessons to learn: Embrace the Beauty in you: How a former teacher made her realized that growing up, gaining weight, or getting wrinkles doesn’t make her any less beautiful. Establish a Relationship with God: How attending a Hindu religious ceremony kindled her feats of faith, making her feel more connected to her creator. Prioritize Health over Materialism: How an encounter with a vagabond made her appreciate the blessing of health over the materialistic pleasures of life. And much more.. If you’re feeling down or need some inspiration to adjust the lens and focus on the brighter sides of life, this short memoir with lessons of life will be worth a read! Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!
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