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Did you know that the knots needed for tying a fishing line to a hook are different from the knots needed to join two sections of line together? Most fishermen always use the same basic knot for every need, not knowing that this is wrong. If you are one of those struggling to remember more knots, then this book is right for you. Although it is not easy to remember which knot is better to use in a specific situation, with practice, dedication, and research, it is possible to improve your knot-tying skills, and this book is here to shortcut this process! Knowing how to properly tie a knot can be very important. An incorrectly tied knot might loosen and it can be very annoying. There's a knot for every situation, and knowing at least the most common and effective ones is key. Trying to learn them by yourself would involve a lot of research and, in most cases, a waste of time and effort because it's not easy to find a well-organized guide around. The Best Seller Author Matthew McCoy decided to list the 25 most common knots for fishing and illustrate step-by-step how to tie each of them for you to learn. With this book in your hands, you will grasp all the knowledge of a man who spent his whole life on a boat fishing to provide food for his family and now is the leading authority in the knot-tying and rope works book niche. With Knot Tying for Beginners you will: Discover all about a typical system for fly fishing, learning which knot can be used at each junction. Find out some tricks and tips to lubricate, tighten, and trim the knots. Understand the breaking strain and how to handle it Learn and master 25 of the most useful fishing knots through more than 300 step-by-step illustrations Get to know the uses, the history, the advantages, and disadvantages of every knot illustrated +2 BONUSES You'll learn all the secrets of a perfect fishing knot through more than 300 illustrations that explain everything you need to know to tie a knot that can't possibly loosen. You'll be surprised at how easy it will be to understand, learn and master all the most important fishing knots! Don't waste another day! Click the Add to Cart button and grab a copy of Knot Tying for Beginners now to learn and master the 25 most useful types of fishing knots in a matter of minutes!
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