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Karik’s First Battle by Evan Oliver

The Isle of Vrania is cut off, isolated by the vicious waters of the Black Isles which sink any ship which comes near them. To make matters worse, famine and starvation are sinking their teeth deeper with each passing year. As Karik's brother succumbs to starvation, he fears they will all meet a similar fate if he does not seek help. So when their jarl declares they need to reduce the number of mouths to feed, Karik and several of his friends set out to see if they can find new hunting and a way to break free of the cycle of famine and hunger. With his small group of fellow exiles stumbling onto a tiny settlement, Karik accepts an invitation to stay and work. But he isn't there long before sensing the jarl is keeping deadly secrets… including dark dealings with a dragon. Joining with the Huntress Ylmi, they prepare to take their chances, and risk battle for the chance of a better life. Behind it all lurks the legends of Vranr, their mythical forefather, and twisted prophesies of death and doom...
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