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I Kept a Piece of You by Joanna Wolford

Someone once said that the hardest goodbyes are the ones we never get to say... When Gabe Meier lost his wife, Eleanor, it affected everyone – especially his sons, Alex and Eric. Several years after her death, Gabe struggles with a guilty conscience, and Alex is struggling with demons of his own – he still sees his mother everywhere. Fifteen years later, Alex is living in a small town called Bridgford. Two women go missing within months of each other. No one suspects that Alex is involved. That is until he attracts the attention of Detective Howard Tamblin when an unrelated incident causes their paths to collide. This novel might appeal to anyone who enjoyed Mike Flanagan’s rendition of Haunting of Hill House as it relates to family drama and the supernatural. It’s a different take on the serial killer trope as it delves into family drama and the human condition Contains some graphic violence and sexual situations.
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