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Hollow: A Love Like A Life by Just Jazalyn

A ghost spirit of dark's universe falls in love with a ghost spirit of light's universe, and while They cannot meet, for They wander around separate realms and spacetimes, They live Their love through a secret and sacred interaction. They are light years APART. But there is INVISIBLE possession. A precious NEED bridges the range. A SECRET LANGUAGE. A SACRED ENERGY. A distant BOND is created. An EVOLUTION of the SOULS. Will they ever MEET for REAL? And in what FORM? A supernatural paranormal romance poetic novel of mystical and spiritual time travel, epitome of confessional metaphysical and existential love that is seen in space opera. I prefer the dark And often I cry But is it so sad? You prefer the light And you smile But are you happy? Our eyes see Different things But our thoughts Are aligned And I’m wondering Why I love you When we can’t live The same life
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