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Hero of Metalhaven by G J Ogden

- From Kindle Storyteller Award Winner, G J Ogden - Finn Brasa liked to make trouble. Now trouble will make him a hero. A worker in the scrapyards of Metalhaven in Earth’s last city, Finn Brasa is a good man with big heart and an even bigger mouth. Whether he’s annoying a-hole robot foremen or standing up to the city’s troopers, Finn has a talent for trouble. Then his talent attracts the attention of the Authority, a tyrannical empire governed from a space citadel called Nimbus. Without warning, Finn is thrown into a fight for his life in a gladiatorial spectacle that fewer than one in two thousand have ever survived. But Finn has been beating the odds all his life. Far beyond the electrified walls of the city, a secret rebellion is forming. All they need is a leader, someone who can stand against the Authority and inspire the workers to fight. Finn’s big mouth has always gotten him in trouble, but now it could be the key to his freedom, and the freedom of every man and woman in the last city on Earth. But only if he can survive. Hero of Metalhaven is a sci-fi action-adventure that blends elements of space opera with dystopian apocalyptic science fiction. It's perfect for fans of Star Wars: Andor, Red Rising, The Running Man, and kickass sci-fi.
Genre: Science Fiction
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