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DO YOU WANT TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND CLEANSE YOUR BODY? DRINK FRUITS AND VEGGIES AND FEEL LIKE YOU’RE ON VACAY IT WILL TAKE YOU 3 MIN. TO MAKE A SUMMER IN A GLASS. Since the 1920s, we have been enjoying smoothies. However, it is not until recently that they started becoming a staple on the coffee shops’ menu. Smoothies have become mainstream to the extent that they are endorsed by many celebrities. Dessert or Smoothie? You won’t be able to tell. Discover “Healthy Smoothie Recipes: Lose Weight, Cleanse your Body and Boost your Immune System with Easy Smoothie Recipes.” by Julia Korenivska. Healthy Smoothie Recipes Cookbook includes: A lot of mouth-watering smoothie recipes and tasty smoothie bowls, detox green smoothies, anti-inflammatory smoothies, immune support smoothies Easy to prepare recipes, beautifully laid out with gorgeous photography – making them a joy to create! Easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients Ideal food for Plant-Based Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Vegan Diet Full color images, step by step guide and much more nutrition information Next-level cooking, healthy upgrade No guilt after eating! These pureed fruit drinks can benefit your body in a number of ways, including: Boost your energy levels and overall health. Act as a source of vitamins and antioxidants for your body. Help in weight management. Facilitate the metabolic process of food in your stomach, making digestion easier. Aid in detoxification of the body. Promote healthy skin and hair. Improve your immune system and boost your brain. Help hydrate your body. Lose your Weight, Cleanse your Body and Boost your Immune System and Feel Healthy. Click “Buy Now” and start cooking today!
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