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Harbinger by PA Vasey

A Smart, Well-constructed Sci-fi First Contact Page-turner In 2017, a mysterious interstellar object transited the Solar System bound for deep space. By the time it was noticed, it had already passed Earth. It was soon forgotten, dismissed as a comet or planetary fragment. Earth’s scientists turned to more pressing matters. But it was no mere rock. An alien spaceship looking for habitable planets, it sent a machine probe to Earth, containing a sentient quantum computer. After crash landing in South America, the probe was found by tech billionaire Christian Becker, who used its computational power to give himself groundbreaking technology and unlimited wealth. … Until something goes wrong. Someone hacks into and shuts down Becker's secret lab. Becker is certain that War veteran Will Logan and his missing wife, Alex, are the saboteurs. Logan is kidnapped and brought to Becker’s highly secret research campus. But nothing is what it seems ... Already an award winner in 2023 [Global Book Award, Book Excellence Award], BlueInk Review’s praise for Harbinger sums it up: “An utterly captivating read. The premise—while certainly familiar (see Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama)—comes with impressive twists. The pacing is relentless, the action nonstop, and the climactic ending entirely satisfying. Readers who like smart, well-constructed science fiction thrillers will find Vasey’s latest unputdownable—a page-turner of the highest order.” Order your copy now or click "Read Sample" to start reading today.
Genre: Science Fiction
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