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Prepare your favorite Greek takeout recipes at home! Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited Greek cuisine is a remarkable blend of East and West. It is Mediterranean cuisine at its best with diverse influences. From the East are the touches of exotic spices, and from the West are the Italian additions of garlic and tomato. Greek dishes make use of fresh produce and what is abundant in different regions in Greece such as grains, legumes, vegetables, meat, seafood, olive oil, and rice. To savor Greek cuisine is to savor history, culture, and love. Every Greek home cook prepares dishes using the freshest ingredients – thoughtfully seasoned with herbs and spices – prepared in age-old tradition to preserve nutrients, for a happy and healthy family. Inside find: A brief history of Greek takeout food. Ingredients used in Greek cooking, cooking methods and required cooking equipment used to prepare Greek meals Easy to prepare appetizers like the Zucchini Fritters or the Fried Calamari Traditional salads like the Classic Greek Salad or the Marouli Salad Heartwarming soups like the Avgolemono, a delicate lemon and chicken-rice soup Classic takeout sandwiches like the Souvlaki Pita Sandwich Delicious beef, pork and lamb recipes like the Pork Souvlaki, the Beef Kebab, the Lamb Chops or the Greek-Style Stuffed Peppers Favorite chicken recipes like the Greek-Style Grilled Chicken or the Chicken Gyro Delightful seafood recipes like the Grilled Greek-Style Fish or Stuffed Squid recipe Healthy vegetable and side recipes like the Spanakorizo, a lemony spinach rice pilaf, or the Baked Lemon Potatoes Sweet desserts like the Classic Baklava or the Rizogalo, a delicate rice pudding Hungry yet? Let start cooking! Read on your Kindle, tablet, cell phone, laptop, or computer with Amazon’s free Kindle Apps. Scroll back up and click buy for an immediate download
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