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Fractured Empire by A.K. DuBoff

A secret war. A galactic empire in crisis. One final hope for victory. Complete Series Set: 2200+ pages of heroic action, shadowy villains, and epic space adventure! Wil Sietinen is torn between two worlds. As a High Dynasty heir and the galactic military's most promising telekinetic trainee, teenage Wil is expected to be nothing short of exceptional—and he's starting to crack under the pressure. When Wil is captured by the mysterious enemy Bakzen, he comes face-to-face with his destiny. An all-out war has been secretly waging for generations, and Wil's unique telekinetic powers are the only remaining hope to win. However, there's a dark secret behind the conflict, and Wil realizes that he and his loved ones are at the center of an insidious galactic conspiracy. With enemies not who they seem, who can Wil trust in his fight to save the Taran Empire? If you're a fan of feuding galactic empires, dynamic characters, and complex, high-stakes plots, then you'll love A.K. DuBoff's award-winning Cadicle Universe. Join three generations of one noble family as they navigate love and war to lead a revolution that will change the course of a galactic empire. Buy your copy of Fractured Empire to begin the epic journey today! The Fractured Empire collection contains the complete Cadicle space opera series: Volume 1: Architects of Destiny (prequel) Volume 2: Veil of Reality Volume 3: Bonds of Resolve Volume 4: Web of Truth Volume 5: Crossroads of Fate Volume 6: Path of Justice Volume 7: Scions of Change For audiobooks, see the Cadicle series page: Print editions are available for the individual books:
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