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Forsaken Commander by G J Ogden

- KINDLE STORYTELLER AWARD WINNER 2023 - Humanity’s only hope is the commander they spurned. Once, Master Commander Carter Rose was the Union’s secret weapon. An augmented, bio-engineered officer in command of the most powerful warship ever devised by human minds, Rose brought them victory against the post-human Aternien Empire. Then they cast him aside. A century later, living alone on a distant forest moon, feared and forsaken by the people he fought to save, Rose has grown bitter and resentful, while his superhuman body refuses to age. When Major Carina Larsen seeks his help to save Earth from becoming the last frontier of humanity, Rose is reluctant to return to duty. Until Larsen reveals the real peril: the Aterniens are on the rise again, hell-bent on revenge. And after a century of peace, the Union has forgotten how to fight. But even if Rose can recover his marooned warship and assemble a crew, his allegiance is now a valuable commodity — and a secret weapon is only ever as dangerous as those who wield it… Forsaken Commander is the winner of the Kindle Storyteller Award 2023 and book one of the Aternien Wars series, an epic blend of space opera and militaristic sci-fi. Follow an elite crew of augmented officers as they fight a post-human enemy styled on the myths of ancient Egypt. Click ‘buy now’ to start the Aternien Wars series today!
Genre: Science Fiction
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