Form by Nathan Ripley

A global pandemic will transform us all. A girl in despair will rise from the ash. A serum will bring an end to the suffering and in the chaos save us all—in a time of the apocalypse where the mutants roam. HUMANITY IS COMING TO AN END. After being kidnapped, Emily wakes up in a quarantine tent as time distorts around her. She finds herself part of an experiment after a mutagenic bacterium had unleashed a global pandemic. Haunted by the memory of her mother’s death, Emily is thrust into a struggle for survival. Benjamin, a young boy who barely escaped with his life, is now tortured by nightmares as his sanity dwindles. Drake speeds on his Harley Davidson toward Chicago, fleeing the woman he wronged—can he outrun his past? And while Carol stitches together her scattered memories, she uncovers the shocking truth about her father. In a world tormented by mutants, Emily and the boy are in a race against time. Saving the world was never part of her plan, but her unique genetics might be humanity’s last hope. Driven by despair, she’ll stop at nothing to avenge her suffering.
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