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Finders Keepers by Amanda Reid

Sunny's odd psychic power to find things may cause her to lose her boyfriend, new career and her life. Adulting isn’t easy, but everything is finally falling into place for Sunny Flannigan. New apartment all of her own? Check. Dream job as a physical therapist? Check. Ex-boyfriend Cace Navarro back in the picture after her meddling older sister kept them apart for seven years? Check. Her odd psychic power to find things leading her to a stash of stolen goods in a library’s restroom? Womp, womp. Just when everything seems to be going right, Sunny finds someone sabotaging her carefully planned career, forcing Sunny and Cace to flee from the police. Can she and Cace figure their way out of the maze of clues before the thief terminates Sunny's newfound semi-adult kind of life? ***** Follow the Flannigan sisters, a trio of smart, sassy Texas woman endowed with psychic gifts, as they solve crimes in their small communities. They never go looking for trouble, but does it ever find them! All Flannigan Sisters Mysteries can be read as stand-alone books, all with a satisfying mystery ending. If you are interested in the order, this is the first published book. Check out the Flannigan Sisters Mysteries series page for more titles! Happy Reading!
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