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Familiar Spirits by Sara Christene

An inept witch, a cozy town, and an old dark magic. Welcome to Twilight Hollow, WA, a small forest town with three resident witches. Adelaide O’Shea runs the Toasty Bean, imbuing her coffee and tea with warm, cozy magic. When a black cat crosses her path, she worries her new pet might be unlucky, and her suspicions are confirmed when the next thing in her path is a dead man with her phone number in his pocket. And the cops aren’t the only ones breathing down her neck over it. There’s an old, dark magic in town, and it has its sights set on Addy. With the help of her two witch sisters, a handsome detective, and a charming veterinarian, can Addy solve the murder and escape the darkness? Or will she and her new spooky pet have to turn tail and run?
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