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Make your favorite Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese Street Foods at Home! Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Just walking through the commercial streets in Asia, seeing a wide range of carts selling authentic local cuisine, is a lifelong memory to cherish. Many simple carts offer foods that are no less mouthwatering than those served in fancy, expensive restaurants. They are loaded with fresh herbs, freshly cut meats, and freshly chopped vegetables, and both hygiene and taste are prioritized. Each street food tells the story of an amazing culinary adventure that has brought the world closer. Food knows no language; all it knows is to delight people with its delicious flavors and amazing textures. Street foods are a trademark of locally famous foods. Their nationwide popularity means you can trust in their ability to delight your taste buds irrespective of what country they come from. The amazing thing about street foods is how much they are nurtured and cherished by locals as representing their own food culture. This exclusive book is your go-to street food adventure for exploring the wonders of Asian street foods straight from China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. They are packed with a variety of local flavors and are easy to prepare with easy-to-source ingredients. Each recipe is adjusted to make it suitable for beginners as well as kitchen experts. This book takes you through the favorite street foods one can find in China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. It features 50 recipes of the most delicious Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese Street Foods at home! CHINESE STREET FOODS Jiaouncei (Chinese Dumplings) Baouncei (Chinese Bread Buns) Chuan'r (Chinese Kebabs) Soft-Shelled Crab And more! THAI STREET FOOD Pad Thai (Stir-Fried Noodles) Satay (Grilled Meat Skewers) Poh Pia Tod (Spring Rolls) Pad Kra Pao (Thai Basil Chicken/Pork) And more! KOREAN STREET FOODS Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake) Odengguk (Fish Cake Soup) Bungeoppang (Fish Shaped Pastry) Dakgangjeong (Popcorn Chicken) And more! JAPANESE STREET FOOD Korokke (Japanese Croquettes) Okonomiyaki Harajuku Crepes Yakisoba And more! VIETNAMESE STREET FOODS Bún Chà (Vietnamese Meatballs) Nem Rán (Spring Rolls) Bánh Gai (Crispy Dumplings) Bánh Mì (Sandwich) And more! All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, the number of servings, the cooking and preparation times, and easy-to-follow step-by-step directions. Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App. Let start cooking! Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!
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