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End Game by William Bahl


In a race against time, survivors of a terrible global disaster must struggle against treacherous creatures and each other before it is too late.

Luke, a survivor from the wastelands outside Hampton Flats, finds a treatment holding the mutations in his body at bay. He has learned to cope with his condition and thrive, leading a productive life and helping to build a new community. We enter Luke's life as the device that has allowed him to live normally among the other survivors is breaking down. The Chamber, the only known treatment for victims of mysterious creatures roaming the lands outside, will soon fail.

There is only one chance to fix the device, allowing Luke and many others to stay alive, or at least continue being human.
With people he trusts, Luke sets out for another settlement that may hold the answers.

Roger is a man trying to get by as best he can. Living in the small community of Jacksonville, Roger and his partner scavenge the countryside for resources to sustain themselves and their people. Finding a woman who has just crashed her car on their way back from scavenging, Roger and his partner, Jensen, decide to rescue her. Little do they know she will prove troublesome beyond their imagination.

Healed up from a recent attack outside the gates that nearly took his life, Roger's world is turned upside down when a monstrous creature attacks Jacksonville. His community lies in ruins, and his friends are missing. Roger agrees to join Luke in tracking down the mysterious woman who fled during Jacksonville's attack and find the one man who may be able to fix The Chamber.

Join along with these reluctant heroes in their quest, overcoming dangerous beasts and themselves to stay alive in the face of impending doom.

Genre: Science Fiction
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