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Enchanted Immortals by C.J. Pinard

Thomas never thought he would live this long; he expected the usual lifespan of 60 to 70 years. But one terrifying night in 1946 San Francisco has changed all that. He's now been alive 86 years and still looks 20. He and his associates, Jonathan and Kathryn, have been granted Immortality by a group of sylphs belonging to the Zie Council – led by their queen, Malina – who possess an elixir called Enchantment. But what they and the rest of the Immortals have to do in order to keep receiving this elixir involves protecting sylphs and humans from the faeworlders – vampires and shapeshifters – who want nothing more than to eat, violate, and kill them. For Jonathan, Thomas, and Kathryn, policing the fae is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. And the payment is eternally priceless. Enchanted Immortals is book 1 in the Enchanted Immortals Series, and books should be read in order to enjoy the series. ENCHANTED IMMORTALS SERIES: Enchanted Immortals (book 1) Enchanted Immortals 2: The Vortex Enchanted Immortals 3: The Vampyre Enchanted Immortals 4: The Vixen BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation PRAISE FOR ENCHANTED IMMORTALS: "I loved this book. What a great read. The story the author spins had me captivated from the first page. There is an enchanting style to this book which draws you in."~Tim O'Rourke, Bestselling Author of Vampire Shift "Wow! This is a really great book! Interesting characters always capture my attention. Immortals, vampires, shifters, sylphs! If you're into fantasy/paranormal then this book is for you." ~L-Booknerd, reviewer "This book was so easy to read. I was glued to each page wondering what was going to happen next! Time for Book 2!!"~Dee Leavitt, reviewer
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