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Empire: Metropolis by Tim Goff

Revised Edition! Like Game of Thrones was written by Lovecraft! Winning the demon war was the easy part. Rebuilding the Empire is a nightmare. Corber Port – Commercial center and largest metropolis in the tottering Solarian Empire – and a city in turmoil following an earthquake and fire that reduced a fifth of the city to charred rubble. Tia Samos, once a prominent member of Solaria’s middle class, is held captive in this urban wasteland by demons masquerading as mortal men. Tia’s former companions – Sir Peter Cortez, Kyle, and Rebecca – scour the city for her but are stymied at every turn. Worse, an alliance of fanatics is plotting to unleash a new catastrophe upon Corber Port – and the only ones who might be able to prevent it are Tia’s captors…if they choose to do so…
Genre: Fantasy
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