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Drakenblud by Tyler Wexlin & Ana Joldes

Your flesh shall become twisted and your bones gnarled. At the proper age, Drakenblud, the ancient blood of dragons, is bestowed as a gift upon royalty. The mysterious substance grants those who consume it godlike traits in order to make them more perfect rulers. Ulrin Emberlind is the next member of the noble Emberlind family to inherit the Gift of the Blood. However, on the day of his ceremony, some of the highly guarded Drakenblud is stolen, and the King seems overcome with anger. Then, the Bleeding occurs. When ominous crimson clouds gather over the castle, those in Lorne who have partaken in the Drakenblud suddenly change. Their bodies twist and disfigure into violent, voracious monsters known as the Corrupted. Ulrin’s father, the King, changes, too, and commits the unthinkable upon his own family. Five years later, survivors struggle to remain unnoticed by the Corrupted. The land lies in ruins. And Ulrin has set his eyes on revenge against the Malformed King. He sets out to save his Kingdom and understand what truly caused The Bleeding.
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