Can laughter save the mortal soul? Perhaps it can as a beauty-obsessed mad scientist becomes the cultural and political leader of a nation. Deceived by his pupil Doctor Praterius, Doctor Mizzieri and Gelsomina are driven again to creating new realities facilitated by transformative music. Great innovations are on display; AI-created propaganda such as the Mexican Robin Hood La Carambada, musically induced blockchains and introducing Crotox, a cryptocurrency based on the value of skin rejuvenators. Musicians develop personal leitmotifs as the navigate mundane and extraordinary worlds, from the forested hills of New York to the Italian mountaintop city of Ravello, to a neighborhood in Venice where the feeble-minded are barred from technologies created after 1980, and finally on a river journey through a South American rainforest, a world that becomes entirely transformed into music. Will music enable higher consciousness or bring about submission through mesmerizations? Will it strengthen the conscience or assist Praterius in fulfilling her corrupt ambitions? Engaged in battle with dissonant harmonies and immoral regimes, these musicians will attempt to reconcile the mystifying paradoxes of human nature, proving that music can indeed save the mortal soul.
Genre: Science Fiction Science Fiction
#Dystopian #Humorous
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