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Deadly Awakening by G.K. Lund

No one ever said surviving life would be easy. Ben Reed is not who everyone thinks, and worse, he can’t remember anything. Overcome with curiosity, he has taken over the body of a distraught soul. After this, there’s no way back…at least for one of them. And with breaking the laws of nature by being decidedly not dead after washing up on a riverbank, he must face the relentless suspicions of Detective Olivia Jones. Olivia has had enough excitement in life before taking her new job, and having one of two dead bodies wake up at her crime scene is not appreciated. Resourceful and determined, she must find out what really happened the night Ben ended up in the murky and cold Ashdale River. Meanwhile, Ben’s inherited companions must deal with the fact that their childhood friend has changed in strange ways. All Ben knows is that he isn’t human and that he doesn’t want to be one. He only wants to leave, but soon finds himself trapped in his newly acquired vessel. Life doesn’t get any easier when the only person who can help is terrified of him. While forced to face the needs of his new friends, Ben struggles to find the truth that could free him from this fragile existence. But when a shocking danger emerges, he must work together with his enemy to fight the deadly threat. Can Ben survive life? Deadly Awakening is the first novel in the Ashdale Reaper Series, a tale of loyalty and friendships, memories, and dead bodies refusing to stay that way. Please note: This book includes instances of violence (non-gratuitous), explicit language, and occasional references of a sexual nature. The Ashdale Reaper Series is a four-book urban fantasy series. Series completed. Deadly Awakening #1 Grave Intent #2 Dance of Death #3 Revenants of Life #4
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