Curse of the Furies by Meadoe Hora

Erin thought being the daughter of a Fury was her biggest family secret. She was wrong. With her mother gone, Erin is expected to take her place as the third Fury from Greek mythology, but she’s not ready. She’s only half-Fury and she’s not like them. Her power is different, but she’s afraid to tell anyone. When she gets her first case, it turns her world upside down. Erin discovers her long lost father is cursed with madness. The more she digs, the more her father’s condition doesn’t seem like a random act. As she searches for a cure, long buried family secrets come to light and Erin makes a staggering discovery. There’s a war brewing. To save her father and reclaim her family, Erin will need to figure out who she can trust and harness her Fury powers. Unfortunately, saving her father might mean losing her family forever.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: