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Crowns and Collusions by Kit Bladegrave

In one random moment, I learned that I wasn’t the normal orphan girl I thought I’d been all these years. Nope. I’m a wizard. Want to complicate matters even more? The priest who’s befriended me and mentored me all these years is a member of the Order of the Angel’s Blade. What the eff even is that? I’ve got so much to learn. First and foremost, how to harness the powers I didn’t know I have. Second, to research the history of my kind. To find out what happened to my parents. To… Ugh. The list goes on and on and on. And now a half-demon has appeared on the scene, complicating matters even more. And a hellaciously wicked angel is hellbent on seeing me dead if I don’t do his bidding. I sure wish I was that normal orphan girl that I used to be for all those years.
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