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Listening is the forgotten communication skill, but arguably, the most significant. It is a crucial part of our ability to engage and communicate with others. Listening actively, however, takes this skillset up a level. Almost everyone sincerely believes that they listen effectively; however, good listening skills are rare. Most of us have never been taught the habits that would make us effective listeners, so they need to be practiced and developed. As you develop your listening with purpose, understanding and empathy, you will build better trust and stronger relationships. You already understand the importance of quality communication. But good communication is built not on speaking but on listening. When we learn to actively listen—to listen well—this ability resonates through all our relationships and interactions. Research has found that by listening actively,you will obtain more information, increase others' trust in you, reduce conflict, and better understand the message being delivered. Eliminate miscommunication and misunderstanding. In 10 easy steps, you can go from being a poor listener to an excellent one. At each step, you’ll learn how to navigate the pitfalls of strained communication, transforming your ability to exchange accurate, complete information and deepen emotional understanding and connectedness. “The Art of Active Listening” helpfully breaks down the intricacies of active listening. You’ll discover 10 easy-to-learn steps to becoming a better listener, with practical examples of do’s and don’ts. These strategies will teach you how to: Focus your attention Listen with purpose and empathy Improve as a leader Develop healthier relationships Plus, as abonus, you’ll also get “How to Make People Like You and Do What You Want: The Miracle Formula for Magnetic Charisma, Making People Laugh, and Exerting Influence” Do you make your first impressions count? What if I told you that how you come across during the first 30 seconds of meeting new people affects nearly 85% of your relationships? What if I told you that the person you like takes only a split second to decide whether they like you or not. Doesn’t it sound scary? That’s because it is! Whether you are pitching a product or idea to clients, preparing for a new job interview, or seeking to make great connections with the people you meet, your "first interactions" are the most CRITICAL of all. With this bonus offer, you’ll discover how to: Develop social skills to make new acquaintances, spread your influence, and increase personal power Convey and read body language to exude confidence, positivity, and strength Increase your popularity and extend your social network Make a striking and memorable first impression Develop communication skills, such as listening, interacting with individuals and groups, telling stories, and the art of persuasion Are you ready to take the leap and drastically improve your communication skills? If you’re prepared to be amazed by the improvement in your personal productivity and interpersonal relationships, hurry up and grab your copy today!
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