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Coming Up Short 7 by Charles Welch

A family moves into a scenic mountain town to start over. It is their intent to leave behind the violence and turmoil of their past. They find the perfect house situated on a large lake in the center of the town to begin the process of healing, but something is off. Lake Reflection is different. The negative energy and emotion they send out affects the large body of water and the townspeople are watching them very closely. A young couple pulls into a convenience store for gas and a few items. Inside the store, they meet some old acquaintances and a stranger. As the dark skies turn into a dangerous storm, someone plays a deadly game of manipulation. While they shelter from the storm, the stranger exposes their secrets, and the consequences are explosive. On a summer evening a woman leaves home to run to the store. There, she sees a woman seeking help from the backseat of a car. Realizing the woman has been kidnapped, and that she had no phone to call the police, the woman follows the car into the open spaces of the country. Ultimately, she arrives at a remote house. It is there that she realizes she’s made the biggest mistake of her life and that there may be no way back home. Coming Up Short 7 is a new collection of tales of the macabre and the mysterious by the author of the award winning Within the Fog series. Warning: These stories will keep you up late at night, nervously chewing your fingernails, cringing at every little creak of your home. Our reality may not be what you have been led to believe. For fans of The Twilight Zone, the Coming Up Short series will be familiar, and intense territory!
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