Cold Vengeance by Vincent Valentean

When the lights go out, Tony Nunziatta's deadly skills shine brightest as he wages a one-man war against those who threaten his family. When an EMP attack decimates the nation's power grid, most men would be afraid. Most would shudder and cower as society collapsed around him. But Tony Nunziatta isn't most men. He's a man above, a man who has prepared for this day. A man whose skills make him a very dangerous enemy to any opportunist who might threaten his family's safety. When Tony's wife is gunned down viciously in the powerless city, his plans to escape with his son to the safety of their secure farm upstate are put on hold. Tony uses every deadly skill in his arsenal to descend upon the men who took his wife from him, igniting a war that will shake the Big Apple to its core.
Genre: Science Fiction
Book Length: