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"Glued to the story from start to finish!' - K C "OMG couldn't put it down!!" - Kindle Customer "A world you never want to leave" - Paula Carly never thought she was destined for greatness, but a strange dream starts a chain reaction that propels her into the secret world of werebear, where she finds love, danger, and the warrior within. Who up and moves from California to Maine based on a recurring dream? No one who’s thinking straight—but that’s what I convinced my best friend, Sierra, we should do. Did I mention that dream includes smoking-hot guys? Or that we both have tattoos nobody else can see? Like I said, this isn’t normal. Neither is the fact our cross-country road trip nabs us two more women like us—all of us summoned by something we don’t understand. Now here we are in Maine where they grow the men big. The women too. Things that shouldn’t happen, do. Things that shouldn’t exist, do. Where fate is more than a joke—because it appears I was called here for a reason. To save a clan of werebear, to have a true mate by my side. But can I become what destiny has planned for me and save a clan from extinction? Begin the adventure readers don't want to end!
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