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Embrace your healing journey – Give yourself permission to be ever more gentle and loving to your body as you grow and learn what aligns best for you. tell your story to set your soul free to journey through the lens from a different angle tell your story to give words to an intangible deeply tangible experience that only through words you’ll understand in a certain way.             – an excerpt from “our story” breaking open is a welcoming embrace for those who have gone through or are going through their own mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional healing journey. Poet Kali Bell pulls from her own experiences to deliver vivid imagery and a profound look at the ins and outs of her healing journey as she reclaims the power within her body. Aiming to be a light in the darkness to those going through their own similar journeys, breaking open prompts you to love yourself as you are and empowers you to become more at home in your own body.
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