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Blown Away by Cara Bristol

She’s devoted to her work. He’s not ready for love. When a blinding dust storm on a remote planet traps them together, will hostility turn to passion? Astrogeologist Breeze O’Day won’t trade her perilous career for anything. Taking a research job on a faraway alien world to escape her abusive ex-husband, she can’t wait to bring her findings back home and announce a game-changing discovery. But when her ship is swept up in a catastrophic sandstorm, her gratitude at being plucked from certain death quickly sours when she realizes her savior is a rude, ill-mannered brute. If Tack Grayson wanted company, he wouldn’t have moved to the middle of nowhere. Still suffering from PTSD after killing a shapeshifter disguised as his wife, the furloughed cyborg soldier’s instincts compel him to rescue the passenger of a crashed hovercraft. But as he forces himself to care for the injured and strong-willed woman, his gruff exterior crumbles as unexpected attractions ignite. After Breeze recruits her host’s help in securing her valuable data, she struggles to admit that her initial unease has morphed into undeniable chemistry. But as Tack’s haunting past catches up to him, he fears giving into his feelings will only rope the gorgeous scientist into his own misery. With trouble on the horizon, will this star-crossed pair forge a path to happiness? Blown Away is the suspenseful first book in the Cyborg Force science fiction romance series. If you like steamy encounters, wounded warriors, and heartfelt connections, then you’ll adore Cara Bristol’s futuristic adventure. Buy Blown Away to whip up a whirlwind of desire today!
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