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KINKY –––– SEXY –––– TABOO ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Written for readers who like their erotica with a bit (or a lot!) of: BDSM, rough play, spanking, degradation, and humiliation. If that's not your thing, this book might not be for you. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Contains books 4-6 from the 'Possessive Alpha' series: Daddy's Brat Wicked Daddy Pretty Little Sub ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Description For the past year, Lila has been working as a dancer to help pay the bills. 6 months ago, a mysterious man who went by Grayson started to visit Lila regularly. He wasn’t like Lila’s other clients. Grayson was handsome, polite, and most strangely—not into her. That is, until a month ago. Last month, Grayson came into the club, and he seemed different. Lila couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was something wilder about him. Less controlled. For the first time, Grayson did what Lila had been hoping he'd do for the past 6 months—make a move. And then Lila didn't see Grayson for an entire month. When Lila sees Grayson for the first time since the crazy night they had, he drops a bombshell. Grayson tells Lila that he knows her father and had been charged with looking out for her over the past 6 months. Things changed last month when Lila's father fucked both Grayson and Lila over in a business deal. Lila knew her father was like this–greedy, unscrupulous, untrustworthy. Over the years, Lila learned to stop expecting much from her father and from men in general. Grayson wants to change that. He offers Lila a way out—he’ll pay for her education, no strings attached. To Lila, it sounds too good to be true. She’s instantly suspicious about whether Grayson is really even into her—is this his way of telling her that what happened between them was a mistake? Grayson insists that it’s not. He’s obsessed with Lila. Why won’t she believe him? There’s only one way for Grayson to show Lila how he really feels, and that’s to stop holding back. Grayson’s been holding back for 7 months with Lila, and at this point, he has no willpower left. Grayson tries to warn Lila that she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into, but she won’t listen. She’s goading, practically begging him to unleash what he’s kept hidden from her these past 7 months. So he does.
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