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Avenging Love by Kevin M. Mansoor

Can one man's love defy the depths of Hell? In 'Avenging Love', an exhilarating journey unfolds in a world where the supernatural is just beyond the veil of our understanding. This urban fantasy novel introduces us to David, a once-respected Trinitarian Knight, whose life has spiraled into a haze of tequila and sorrow. Haunted by the loss of his beloved wife, Sarah, he finds solace only at the bottom of his bottle. Yet, when the formidable demon Saraphiss emerges, targeting those he cherishes, David must awaken from his stupor and face his demons—both those within and those that lurk in the shadows. Accompanied by Emma, an enigmatic figure whose life spans two millennia, David's mission transcends the bounds of simple revenge. Guided by the Archangel Michael, this journey is a battle for redemption and a testament to the power of unwavering love. At his side is Duke, his loyal Saint Bernard, weighed down by his guilt over Sarah's demise. Together, they traverse a treacherous path, one laden with perils, emotional upheavals, and revelations that stretch the limits of their understanding and lead them to. . . the very gates of Hell. As David and Duke venture deeper into this abyss, they encounter the true face of evil. The stakes are immense, not just the fate of David's soul, but the very balance of the cosmic struggle between good and evil. But this is more than a mere tale of revenge. It is a story of love's transformative power, the resilience of the human spirit, and the redemption that comes from embracing one's true destiny. This narrative is a vivid exploration of the themes of loss, grief, and the unyielding strength of love. It delves into the dichotomy of good versus evil, and the gray areas that define our moral compass. Join David on his exciting journey, where good and evil blur, and love is the true power behind his sword. Witness David's metamorphosis from a broken man drowning in his grief to a warrior of light, taking on the forces of darkness. His journey is a testament to the belief that love can conquer all, even the insurmountable forces of Hell. Every step of his path, every choice he makes, is a stitch in the fabric of a future that hangs precariously in balance. 'Avenging Love' is a fast-paced romantic thrill ride, brimming with laugh-out-loud humor. It is a gripping and fun read for anyone who enjoys urban fantasy laden with action, heart, and a deep exploration of the human psyche. David's story is one of a man who rediscovers his purpose, driven by his undying love for his wife and the responsibility of saving others from the clutches of darkness. Don't miss out on this thrilling tale of love, redemption, and the battle against evil. This book is a must-read for those who crave an exciting and heartfelt urban fantasy experience.
Genre: Fantasy
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