Artful Evil by C.G. Harris


Runaway Trains, Demon Mimes and a bar where the booze won't get you drunk? Just another day in the life of a Judas Agent.

Gabe thought he knew his partner, but when she takes on a freelance project to murder a few thousand people, he’s not so sure.

A Judas Agent is supposed to wreak havoc among the living but not Gabe. Judas Iscariot recruited him as a double agent to stop this sort of thing from happening. So why has his boss had a sudden change of heart?

Then a demonic band of clowns blows into town and makes Gabe the target of their deadly hijinks. Sure, it’s Hell, but, come on, there had to be a limit.

If Gabe can’t find a way to derail his partner’s plans and stop the satanic circus, the word overkill could take on a whole new meaning.

If you like snarky characters and dark humor, then you’ll love Artful Evil, the third book in the action-packed Judas Files urban fantasy series. Series now complete!

Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: