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Here it is!  Another fabulous compilation of the funniest and best-loved one-liners and short jokes.  Savour this second volume in this Ultimate Collection of One-Liners and Short Jokes.  Another rip-roaring, hilarious bunch of gags.  "I wanted to join Paranoids Anonymous but they wouldn't tell me where they met" "I've been telling people about the benefit of eating dried grapes.  It's all about raisin awareness" "I tried taking a selfie in the shower but it keeps coming out blurry.  I have selfie steam issues" In ‘Another 1001 One-Liners and Short Jokes’ each joke has been placed in a category like Doctors, Politics and Sex for easy reference. You’re in for a real treat with over 1000 giggles, groans and belly laughs designed to lift your mood and make your day!  If laughter is the best medicine, there are enough daily doses in this book to last well over 2 years!
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