Angel Rising by A.D. Landor

The war between the Angels of Judgment and the Vampiric Succae – a race of honour-bound demons – ended in a fragile peace accord but the forces of disorder and misrule still lurk in the shadows. ANGEL. SOLDIER. ASSASSIN. DIPLOMAT. TRUTH SEEKER. Following an unprecedented day of mysterious protest by the Bonded – the former gods and heroes of judged worlds, a young Angel from a sect of conscientious objectors lies dead, slain by a rare Succae weapon and a piece of the Archangel Prince Anael's ceremonial regalia is missing, presumed stolen. Outcast Angel Azshael soon finds himself embroiled in a search for answers that takes him from the towers of the White Citadel to the roosts of the Low-Nin in the subterranean warrens on the vampire moon of Scarpe and down to the abandoned former Succae capital on the dying planet Cerule. As evidence mounts that the two crimes are connected and that the missing ceremonial staff, the White Rood, could have devastating powers, Azshael and the Succae Serrate Lytta find themselves caught up in the machinations of a secretive sect of Angelic Watchers, an Angel of Death and the deadly plans of a mad god intent on seizing power and ruling both races. Can Azsh and Lytta find answers in time or is this the start of a new dark era on both sides of the Tether? Find out in this incredible second book in the Ambassador Azshael Series.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: