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"It will give parents and teachers enough information about the core symptoms of ADHD so that they know how to deal with children and understand their actions better." --5 Stars, Reader's FavoriteKnowledge equates to power-benign:The means to help your kin. Affecting millions around the globe, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is well known... yet poorly understood by far too many. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, now is the time to concentrate on solutions. Offering invaluable data and insights, Freya Gate’s workbook represents the best way to do just that. The better you understand this syndrome, the better equipped your loved one will be to live their life to its fullest.Inside, you’ll find:The comprehensive signs and symptoms for which to watchTechniques by which to circumvent both arguments and accidentsTips on reading with ADHDHow to improve the power of speechWays to effectively deal with tantrumsDieting guidelines and natural curesSmoke and mirrors—the myriad of myths surrounding ADHD todayA wealth of great activities to do at homeAND MORE!Many parents accept a prescription and dose their child with little more thought. For those who have much deeper questions: answers lie within!
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