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What is stopping you from living a victorious life, overflowing with abundance in all areas? It is the toxic thoughts holding you captive. Leaving you feeling like a victim of your circumstances rather than the creator of your future. Did you know, 75-98 percent - of the illnesses that affect us today are a direct result of one's thought life? What we think and as a result speak into our lives affects us both physically and emotionally. Tessa Mager knows what it is like to despair amidst the spiraling thoughts of worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger, and condemnation. Feelings of not being good enough, guilt, and shame made her hide away from God until she was drowning and saw only one way out. But she also knows firsthand the freedom that comes from letting go of all these lies, accepting the Saviour's unconditional love, and taking radical responsibility for the way forward. Abundance comes when we refuse to be victims any longer and boldly start using the tools we have been given by our father to not only win on the battlefield of our minds but live as the royal daughters God created us to be. Abundance Awaits unravels the mystery of God's true feelings towards you and explains His will that includes you using your unlimited potential and God-given power to shift your focus and take back control of your life. Supported by current scientific evidence and Biblical truths, Tessa offers readers a path to healing and wholeness through correct thinking patterns that enable us to live happier, healthier, and more abundant. A must-read for anyone looking to gain control of their thought life and build empowering habits to help you win in life. In Abundance Awaits, Tessa inspires and equips us to transform our lives by understanding who and whos we are. The victory starts in your head. From there, what you are capable of will blow your mind. By sharing her own trials, tragedies, and ultimate victories she hopes to encourage readers to embark on their own life-transforming journey. Change your life by changing your mind- Starting today when you click the button to "buy now".
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