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A Mirage in the Memory by Simon Tull

Dogged by a digital ghost and his own murky past, he must scour the city to kill the killer … or lose the woman he loves. Earth, post-Apocalypse. Thibault Allard is determined to save his wife. After he escapes the addictive virtual reality that enslaved them both, he works as a bounty hunter for their unsavoury captor to gain inside access and search for his beloved. But when the morally flexible immortal is handed a ruthless ultimatum, he derails his plans in order to pursue the man who terminated his boss’s spouse. Getting close to the dangerous cult leader responsible for the woman’s death, he scrambles to survive after he’s captured and imprisoned. And thrown into a pit for a gladiatorial battle against a blood-lusting monster, Thibault fears he’ll die before he can rescue the bride he left behind. Can he double down on his duty without losing the rest of his soul? A Mirage in the Memory is the intriguing prequel novella to The Slip Saga science fiction fantasy series. If you like men who exist in the grey, suspenseful world-building, and engaging page-turners, then you’ll love Simon Tull’s hard-boiled detective mystery.
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