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A radical religion dismantles democracy, changing America forever. Some citizens fight to keep their civil liberties... ...but the doom preachers aim to extinguish all hope, no matter who must die. Thirty interconnected stories illustrate a hellish vision of the future. The Church of the American Way, a criminal supergroup claiming to have God on their payroll, commits endless atrocities against humanity. Leaders lock up the innocent, wipe out entire populations, and poison water supplies - all in the name of piety. But it takes more than an evil system to extinguish the will of the victims. The dynamic characters who manage to survive this waking nightmare have more love and courage than their oppressors can imagine. But do they have what it takes to defeat the all-powerful combination of church and state, or are they destined for an unimaginable hell on earth of man’s creation? If you loved 1984 or The Hunger Games, you won’t be able to put down this incredible collection! Get your copy and find out why readers say “this author has a twisted and demented imagination.”
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